09 Mar Akumal Dive Sites

Akumal Dive Sites

Mexico’s Caribbean scuba diving sites are waiting for you in Akumal; come and enjoy them with The Akumal Dive Shop. Great ocean dives in Akumal, shallow or deep dives, what a better way to enjoy scuba diving! Boat rides are only 7 minutes from shore!!!.

Akumal´s dive sites are ideal! The year round conditions on the coral reef are excellent. The water temperature range between 80-90 F, visibility range between 40-100ft, soft easy currents and calm seas most of the year. This combination allows us to run dives an average of 300 days a year.



LAS REDES: This 40 to 60 feet reef site was named by the original explorers of the Akumal reef for the giant commercial fishing net that was found blanketing it. Now, the net has been removed, but the marine life still abounds. Las Redes is known for the abundant marine life, schooling fish, barracudas, stingrays, lobsters and when you’re lucky, turtles.


DICK’S REEF: This site was named after Old Dick, the founder of The Original Akumal Dive Shop. At 40 to 50feet, this is the most topographically diverse dive site in Akumal with coral structures that reach 20′ from the bottom to interspersed islands of coral in the sand. For you brave divers, ask any of our divemasters to take you through the channels that cut under and through the reef. These short tunnels can sometimes bring encounters with sleeping nurse sharks and hunting barracuda, so, keep your camera powered up!


MOTORCYCLE REEF: At the shallow end of this 50 to 60 feet dive site, lying in the sand, is a 20-year old, coral overgrown motorcycle where you can always find schools of feeding fish, arrow crabs, and southern sting rays. This reef is laced with a large variety of soft corals, which makes it a good spot to see feeding turtles.


YAL-KU: Situated directly in front of Yal-ku Lagoon, this shallow dive site (20′-50′) is the most famous feeding site around, due to its constant flow of nutrients in and out of the lagoon. Under the extensive and climbing Elkhorn coral structures, there are various tunnels to swim through. Don’t be surprised to see more lobster here than you can count.  sting rays

Reserve and guarantee your spot!



TZIMIN-HA: This 80′-90′ site has colorful reef fingers that are home to a variety of fish of all shapes & sizes. Occasionally, a large jewfish or grouper will check you out while you’re admiring the profuse sponges that cover this reef.


TRIGGER FISH: 60-100 ft. This special site is a favorite deep dive of local residents. Widely separated coral patches make homes for a large variety of tropical fish not found at most other sites. The white sandy background brilliantly brings out the colors of the coral patches.


GONZALO’S REEF: 60-80 ft. Only a 4-minute boat ride directly in front of the Dive Shop, this site is decorated by large, vivid reef fingers. You are guaranteed to see Hawksbill, Green, and Loggerhead turtles here feeding, playing, and checking out the visiting divers.


XA-AK: This 60-90 ft. dive site, located about 15 minutes north, is a very special dive. The reef fingers reach up to 30 feet from the sea floor. Turtles, nurse sharks, rays, and a bright spectrum of fish are common sightings here. Ask our divemasters to take you on his half day, 2 tank Xa-ak excursion, including a surface interval at Yalkuito´s calm lagoon.


If this activity is of interest to you, please contact us and we will be delighted to answer any additional questions you may have and assist you in the best possible way we can.

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