Scuba Diver

The Scuba Diver certification opens you the door to the underwater world. If you thought that a diving course would take too long or be too difficult, the PADI Scuba Diver certification might just be for you!.

This course requires less time than the PADI Open Water Diver course but still gets you certified by covering only the first three of five sections of knowledge development, the first three of five pool sessions, and the first two of four open water training dives.


After completing the Scuba Diver course, you will be just two dives away from becoming an Open Water Diver!!!  And, you will be able to ENJOY (discover) more great underwater adventures!



  • Be at least 10 years old
  • Able to swim
  • Be in reasonably good health
  • Complete the  Medical Statement (PDF). A ¨Yes¨ response on the Medical Questionnaire does not mean you are unable to dive, please contact us to receive instructions on how to proceed.


Requirements for children 10-11 years old: Each participant and their legal guardian mus read and sign the Youth Diving Responsibility and Risks Acknowledgment (PDF)


Duration: Two days.


Water work:

  • Three confined water dives in Akumal Bay
  • Two open water dives by boat to a maximum depth 40 ft.


Course Fee: Starting at $5500 MXN (tax included)


Certification: PADI Scuba Diver 15 years old. Junior Scuba Diver under 15 years old.


Course includes:

  • All Equipment: Mask, fins, snorkel, regulator, BCD, wetsuit, aluminum tank, weight belt, weight, compass.
  • Use of daily locker, changing room and showers

Start your Scuba course at home and save time on your vacation!



Start today and complete the academic section online before your visit, and finish all the in water activities with us here in Akumal. Save time and take the proper time to go through the theories and principles behind safe scuba diving.

After completion of the online knowledge development session, bring a copy of your e-record to us. The cost to complete your certification is $4,100 MXN  . Click here for more information about the eLearning Program

Note: the PADI eLearning program has a separate fee of $3,580 MXN paid directly to PADI.

The online fee includes: Open Water Online (eLearning), certification card processing fee, eTraining log, eManual, eRDP Desktop, RDP Table (digital), eRecord, Knowledge Reviews, Quizzes, Exam, and Videos.


Start your course TODAY!


If this activity is of interest to you, please contact us and we will be delighted to answer any additional questions.

Reserve and guarantee your spot!

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