Night Dive

The diver experiences a completely different underwater environment at night because many marine animals are nocturnal. Observe coral polyps feed, see how the marine life cycle is affected with the absence of natural light and how creatures come out from their shelters to begin once more their everyday predicament of predator and prey.

Then the fun really begins. We sit on the sand, turn off our lights and wait a few minutes for our eyes to adjust to the dark. This experience is magical; you will see bio luminescence bursting all around you making you feel as if you were flying through outer space. Many say it is the best dive they have ever done!!


Night dive is scheduled at 5 pm in the winter time and 7 pm in the summer time.


The price of the open-water boat dive includes an 80 cubic ft. aluminum tank, weight belt/weights, and boat trip.


Rates Night Dive Without Dive Gear


Dive Price
One Tank Dive  $1600 MXN
UV Night Dive  $2400 MXN
Nitrox is available  $220 MXN


If this activity is of interest to you, please contact us and we will be delighted to answer any additional questions.

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