Ocean Dives



The price of the open-water boat dive includes an 80 cubic ft. aluminum tank, weight belt/weights, Locker and hot shower. See the rental equipment section if you need additional items.




We offer tanks with Din & Yoke valve system (100 cu. ft. / 80 cu. ft. / 50 cu. ft.).

Daily Dive Schedule


7:30 AM Deep Dive
8:00 AM Deep Dive
9:30 AM Shallow Dive
10:00 AM Shallow Dive
12:00 PM Shallow Dive
1:00 PM Shallow Dive
2:00 PM Shallow Dive
6:00 PM Night Dive

Rental Diving Equipment Rate (US $ Dollars)


Equipment Per Day Per Week
BCD  $12 USD
Regulator  $12 USD
BCD & Regulator  $18 USD
Mask + Snorkel $6 USD
Fins  $6 USD
Wetsuit  $12 USD

Ocean Dives Rates (Without Dive Gear – US $ Dollars)


Tanks Cost
One Tank Dive  $53 USD TOTAL
Two Tank Package  $100 USD TOTAL
Four Tank Package  $194 USD TOTAL
Six Tank Package  $279 USD TOTAL
Eight Tank Package  $355 USD TOTAL
Ten Tank Package $418 USD TOTAL
Night Dive  $87 USD TOTAL
UV Night Dive  $105 USD TOTAL
Nitrox  $6 USD TOTAL
Cenote Diving Please Inquire

Experience Dives (US $ Dollars)


Dive Cost
Discover Scuba  $116 USD TOTAL
Discover Sidemount Diving  $116 USD TOTAL
Sidemount Doubles Experience  $116 USD TOTAL


If this activity is of interest to you, please contact us and we will be delighted to answer any additional questions.



Reserve and guarantee your spot!

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